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Version 2.33.23459 - March 2014 Release Notes


Fix - Fixed incorrect stats in the hood form.

Fix - Fixed erratic behavior of the statistics pop-up form not always appearing when hovering over items such as a team, building, floor etc.

Enhancement - VBS Team Merge Function added which allows the grouping & re-blocking of teams to a higher-level cost centre. This is used in conjunction with the 'Group By' function in the Legend section of the VBS.

Enhancement - Added forecasting panel to the VBS for clients who have the Forecasting Module. This is controlled by a secured action 'VBS Forecast Grid'.

Enhancement - Updated business logic of Hoods so that Hood stacking and Hood blocking automatically match, Hood stacking can only be modified on un-mapped floor, else stacking will always match what is blocked by the user.

Enhancement - New VBS statistics 'Capacity & Opportunity' which can be toggled on or off via Configuration > Setup > VBS.


BOS Migration Manager field will now auto-populate for Team Grids.

Fixed BOS crashing when trying to implement a phase with rows where the occupant is 'vacant'.

Data Imports

Enhanced Occupancy Import to support Hoods.

Recharge Import enhanced to allow bulk amendment/deletion of recharge rows.

Fixed Workpoint Import not updating allocation of workpoints.


Fixed SR email issue when the subject line is 200 characters long it causes the email to fail.


Fixed Access Profiles not syncing to the Workplace Portal in some instances.


New SVLive report 212.

New reports 222, 246, 278 which are replicas of reports 22,46,78 except it utilizes the new capacity & opportunity statistics.


Temporary passwords are no longer generated, users are provided with a link that directs them to a webpage where they can reset/update their password.

Added a new password updated confirmation email that is sent automatically when a user successfully updates their password.

Service Requests

Added configuration option to be able to set which status changes trigger the 'provide a reason' prompt form. Previously was limited to 'Canceled' status.

Fixed Charge to Field in the Service Request form reverting back to match the 'Cost Centre' field. Charge to Field & Cost Centre field now support different values.

In the Service Request Portal (news), improved usability to allow users to be able to select a Building as a 'To' location rather than forcing the user to select a floor

Locator & Wireup

Added a configuration option to toggle reservable desk display in locator.

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