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People and Org Unit Data Relationship

You may have noticed that in People Data Requirements the Cost Centre column's Value Required is marked as optional, meaning that this value does not need to be present in the import file. However, we recommend that you complete this column as there is an important relationship between the People data and the Org Unit Hierarchy data. 

It's not a complicated relationship ...

When you populate the People Import's Cost Centre column then Serraview can automatically look up the person's organization unit.


This automatic link between the Person and their Cost Centre is important when:

  • teams are automatically populated with people in the Visual Block and Stack module.
  • reports are generated based on the organization unit number in the Reporting module. 

Block and Stack (VBS)

When you complete the allocation and occupancy in the VBS this can be done easily and quickly as you will know the people in each team. Also, you will be able to see your opportunities as they will be accurate.

In the screenshot below, the Growth Market(8220) team has the correct people.


If you do not populate the People data's Cost Centre column then you will need to manually add people to the teams and this can become a difficult task as when you have two John Smiths you will not know which team they belong to. For example, in the People Directory, we find there are 2 John Smiths.

In the screenshot below, the Cost Centre column was populated and for each John Smith the correct organizational unit name displays.


Finally, in the Reporting module, you will be able to generate reports based on the organizational unit.

In the screenshot below, the 22 Floorplan Block report was generated with the parameters for the building and floor and the organizational unit.


This report displays the Growth Market (8220) team on the floorplan.