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2021 May Engage Product Release

May releases to include:

Engage Mobile

When finding desks, Engage will remember your selected days from Reservation Assist

Released May 7th

When using the Reservations Assist to find desks you possibly will select a couple of days. However, when it comes time to reserve the desk, they need to re-select the days. With this release Engage will now remember the selected days.


Notification Icon displays on the Concierge Menu

Released May 7th

From the Concierge Menu you will be able to quickly navigate to your check-in notifications.


Filter for My Bookings or All Bookings

Released May 7th

From the Bookings screen there will be a new filter so that you can display either:

  • My Bookings
  • All Booking - this displays your bookings and booking that you have made for others


Disable App General Access

Released May 7th

This setting only applies to Engage Web.

By default the Engage Mobile and Engage Web applications are both enabled. If your business will only use Mobile or Web then your System Administrator can disable the other application.

For more details, see Disable an Engage Application.


Other Fixes and Improvements

  • General usability improvements. (Released May 7th)

Engage Web

Quickly navigate to your Check-in Notifications

Released May 20th to Engage Web

Quickly navigate to your check-in notifications from the Notification icon in the top right-hand corner.



Check-in to your Desk

Released May 28

Now you can check-in to your desk from Engage Web.


Easily rotate your Floorplan

Released May 20th to Engage Web

Remember you can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the floorplan and now you can hold the Ctrl key and drag the floorplan left or right to rotate the floorplan.


Customize the Floorplan Color for Available Desks

Released May 20th to Engage Web

Now you can change the color of the available desks on the floorplan.

For details, refer to Set up visibility of reserved desks and available desks on the floorplan.


Other Fixes and Improvements

Released May 20th to Engage Web

  • General usability improvements.

Reserve a Desk on behalf another Person

Released May 4th to Engage Web

If part of your job is to reserve desks on behalf of another person your System Administrator can give you permission to complete this.

Also, the System Administrator will be able to see who the desk has been reserved for and then if they need they can contact the person if they need to change the booking or cancel the booking.


Now displays the Bookings Card

Released May 4th to Engage Web

From the Bookings Calendar, click your booking to display the Bookings card displays. From the Bookings card you can delete the booking, navigate to the desk, or display the space's location this in Google Maps.


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