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SAML and Microsoft Azure Active Directory

SAML 2.0 single sign-on supports integration with Microsoft Azure. When you integrate Serraview with Azure AD, you can:
  • Control in Azure AD who has access to Serraview.
  • Enable your users to be automatically signed in to Serraview with their Azure AD accounts.
  • Manage your accounts in one central location in Azure.

Serraview can only assist you with how to configure SAML on the Serraview instance. You will need to contact Microsoft if you require further assistance with setting up SAML with Azure Active Directory.


To use Azure to log in to your Serraview instance, you will need the following:

  • Azure AD subscription
  • Serraview’s SAML metadata file.

SAML and Azure Configuration Overview

Below is an overview of the configuration steps.

No. Description Responsible

Client IT team to configure and test Azure AD SSO for Serrarview, This is beyond the scope of these instructions, refer to the Microsoft documentation

Client IT team

Client IT to send the Federation Metadata XML and appropriate copied URLs from Azure portal to Serraview's Support team. 

Client IT team

Set up SAML in Serraview Configuration, refer to Set up SAML in Serraview Configuration.

Serraview Support team

Configure the Serraview Default User Role, so when a new user is created as an SSO user they will be assigned the default user role, refer to Configure Default User Role and the Logon Identifier.

Serraview Support team
5 Create a Test user and test the SSO. Serraview Support team / Client IT team