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Set Stack to Occupants for Flexi Team(s)

The rightsizing to occupants (for Flexible Teams) adjusts the allocated workpoint count to match the team's target ratio

To set the stack to occupants complete the following:

  1. From the stack select one team or multiple teams, or change the Group By to an Org Unit Level. See Select multiple Teams in Scenario VBS.
  2. In the right-hand side toolbar, click the Rightsizing Teams clipboard_e7b1f402a681f78ea68aae6acdf06cf56.png icon. The Right Size Teams form displays.
  3. Click the to Occupants clipboard_e0d47fae3709087ec28704659b3c47a56.png button. The number of workpoints is adjusted to match the number of people in the team and this does not take into account workpoints with multiple occupants.
  4. Click the Update Stack button.



After Rightsizing to Occupants

If the team is already blocked this will may cause the team to become over or under blocked. You can use the Scenario VBS Blocking Toolbar to adjust the blocking.