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Asset Data

System Administrator


The Storage, Lockers, and Parking areas are entirely data driven therefore the appropriate data must be collected so that we can process it and load it into Serraview.

The Asset Import is used to import asset data such as storage, lockers and car parks. It can also be used to import other asset types like computer equipment that belongs to a person or a team, refer to Asset Import - Update Existing Assets.

Initial Upload

You can create storage, lockers, car parks and allocate people or teams to the assets.

For more information, refer to Asset Import - Create and Allocate Assets.

Data Requirements & Data Dictionary

The data dictionary contains the general information and the column details about the data. 

Refer to:


After the initial upload make sure you review the assets to check they have imported correctly.

Refer to StorageLockers, or Parking modules.


Ongoing, the Client is responsible to keep the Building & Floors data maintained.

Refer to Recommended Practice for Portfolio Maintenance.