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Reserve a desk on behalf of another person (Web)

If part of your job is to reserve desks on behalf of another then your System Administrator can give you permission to complete this.  

For details on the secured actions to set up, refer to Set up a Person to book on behalf of another.

Follow the Steps

Click on the Now icon. 



The calendar displays. 


Change the date and time and then click the  Select button.

The floorplan displays the available desks.


Click the desk you want to reserve and the day(s).

Then click the name in the Book for selection.


This displays the person search.

Search for the person's name you want to making the reservation for and then click their name.


The person's name now displays in the Book for selection.


Click the Reserve button and the desk booking is made.


Email Confirmation

When you reserved a desk then the confirmation email is sent to the person for whom the booking is for. 


An optional feature that sends a confirmation email to employees when they make a desk reservation.  For more details, refer to Set up Engage to send out Confirmation Emails and Engage Emails.