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SVLive1 Maintenance

Maintenance Requirements and Change Management

To ensure the availability of the service with no impact to real-time utilization data or Wayfinding Applications, the Corporate Real Estate team and Client IT need to understand the maintenance required to prevent any impact to services.

The table below provides a high-level view of who is responsible for managing the component changes as they take place.





LDM is part of the Standard Operating Environment (SOE).

For more information, refer to LDM Maintenance.



MLS Service account expired.

For more information, refer to MLS Maintenance.

Client / SpaceIQ team


Server shutdown or stopped (e.g. maintenance)

For more information, refer to MLS Maintenance.



Switch reconfiguration

Switch not linked to a floor or incorrect switch information

Switch retired or replaced

Re-cabling in the Communications room on a floor

Community string changes

IP address changes

For more information, refer to Wireup Maintenance for SVLive1.


WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)

Serraview Wi-Fi changes (e.g. add, removed, moved)

Third-party Wi-Fi changes.

For more information, refer to Wireless Access Points Maintenance for SVLive1.



Wire-up changes (e.g. new, removed workstations not wired-up)

Mapping or drafting changes

Switch reconfiguration

Re-cabling in the Communications room on a floor

Switch is retired or replaced

For more information, refer to Wire-up Maintenance.



LDM to MLS Communications on TCP Port Changes

MLS scanning switches on UDP Port

Proxy or firewall changes

For more information, refer to Internal Network Communication for SVLive1 and Outbound Network Communication for SVLive1.


Maintenance Overview

SVLive1 offers a real-time solution for supporting high performing environments and ensuring they are used as effectively as possible.

The core service is based on presenting real-time utilization data for utilization reporting, and Wayfinding technology for kiosks, laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

For the integrity of SVLive1 data, the efficacy of reporting over time, and cohesive Wayfinding services for staff across the portfolio, it is imperative to have full availability of the service to minimize loss of data.

SVLive1 works by analyzing the computer network to determine which users are connected to the network, whether they have been active recently, and where they are located.

The setup involves the following key areas:

LDM Maintenance

A small application installed on employee computers that tracks real-time usage and communicates user presence data to the MLS.

MLS Maintenance

A hardware solution installed on-site that unifies computer location data and user presence data from the LDM.

Wire-up Maintenance

An audit conducted to identify port and location information for all Ethernet or wireless access points at each location (This location data is essential for the performance of the MLS).

Wireless Access Points Maintenance for SVLive1 WAP add, remove, or move.

Interactivity with Network:

Switch Scanning SVLive1 MLS uses SNMP to communicate with the network switches. SNMP uses UDP to communicate so if there are any network bandwidth problems, the UDP traffic will be disregarded. MLS interact with the network switches using SNMP polling (every time period).
Internal Network Communication for SVLive1 LDM sends information it collects across the internal network to MLS over HTTP/HTTPS using a configurable TCP port (any port that is unreserved and can be binded to).
Outbound Network Communication for SVLive1 MLS sends information to Serraview securely over HTTPS.

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