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#8 - Engage Distribution

Now, you are ready to distribute the Engage app or the Engage Intune app to your employees. There are several ways the app can be distributed:
  • URL Link that takes the employee to the app in the relevant store.
  • QR Code that takes the employee to the app in the relevant store.
  • Employee searches directly in the App Store/Play Store for the app.

Then you can send out an email notification to your employees.


Distribute the App from a Link or QR Code

Engage supports the distribution of the Engage App from a Link or QR Code. When your employee uses either the Link or QR Code these will take then directly to the relevant store, where they can download Serraview Engage or Engage Intune, if your company is using Microsoft Intune.

For details on how to configure the Link or QR Code, refer to Configure the Engage App or Engage Intune App for Distribution.

Download the App from the App Store or Play Store

clipboard_e25b39433591ce23578fac43b48f06444.png Serraview Engage

  • Your employees can search directly in the the relevant store for the app.

clipboard_ed8a548c9454d81bf17d7d045b1eb183d.png Engage Intune

For more details on downloading the different apps, refer to Download, Sign In, and Engage.

Last Onboarding Step

It's a wrap you have completed the onboarding!