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Using Locator with Manual Occupancy

Locator is Serraview's real-time Wayfinding technology platform and it is typically powered by Serraview's SVLive technology, including Wi-Fi, Sensor and Beacon capability. It can also work for clients who only have manual occupancy data in Serraview.

Data Sources

All clients have different technology available to them to power the three Locator tools. The following data sources can be used by Locator. If you are unsure which of these are in place at your business, then contact your System Administrator.

This section concentrates on Manual Occupancy data which, incorporates:

  • Manually entered information managed by the Real Estate team within the Serraview core product. Manual occupancy data is not real-time, instead using assigned seating and team allocation data to display information.

When Manual Occupancy data is used in Locator the desks locations are assigned. Locator does not know if the person is physically at the desk or away in real-time. For this reason, Desk Reservations are unavailable in Locator with manual occupancy.

The more common method when using Locator is to power the data using Serraview's SVLive technology, incorporating utilization data derived from:

  • Wired data (connection via data port on desk) - detects the presence of a person in a space or desk in near real-time.
  • WiFi – wireless connectivity (via WiFi hotspots) to the corporate network to detect the presence of a person in a space in near real-time.
  • Sensors – devices designed to detect physical factors such as light, heat or motion to detect the presence of a person in a space or desk in near real-time.
  • Beacons - Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that broadcast their identifier to nearby smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Locator Power By Manual Occupancy

The following sections will take you through how to use Locator powered by manual occupancy alone via our mobile application, a kiosk, laptop or desktop computer.

Locator provides a simple platform for you to quickly search and find desks, spaces and people. Locator is comprised of three primary tools listed below.


You may use all or some of these tools, depending on your business requirements:

Find a Desk

You can locate a desk on the floorplan.

When you need to find a desk:

  • A specific desk number can be found using the search function.
  • You can filter by desk type to view a desk that suits your requirements, for example a sit to stand desk.
  • You can filter by attributes of a desk, for example a desk with dual monitors.

Find a Space

You can locate and book shared spaces and meeting rooms that have your required specifications.

When you need to find a space:

  • The spaces that have been configured to display in Locator are listed, including the type of room, capacity and its technical attributes.
  • The location is displayed on a floor plan, so you do not need to search the floor to find the space you want.
  • You can search based on specific criteria depending on what you require, e.g. capacity, available technology.
  • The space can be reserved.  The ability to reserve a space is optional and will depend on the way Locator has been configured within your business.

Find a Person

You can locate colleagues within your current floor, building or portfolio.

When you need to find a person:

  • Other staff can be easily located using a search function. You can also see who is in your area or find a colleague's assigned location in the building or portfolio.
  • To get contact details for a colleague quickly.

Locator Usage

For either data source the sign in and the navigation is the same:

When you use Locator powered by Manual Occupancy data the usage will be different from the SVLive data. Refer to the following articles for how to use Locator:

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