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330 Utilization - Org Unit Summary


The Org Unit Summary report (#330) gives an overview of utilization information for a selected Org Unit in a building or on a floor. The Org Unit is based on the person's assigned location in Serraview. That is, if a person is assigned to a Sales desk or flexi team, their utilization will be counted toward Sales, even if their personal cost center or the desks that they used do not roll up to Sales.

Key Data

  • Important statistics - Are highlighted for the Org Unit in the building or floor: Allocated Workpoints, Assigned People, Peak People, Minimum Unoccupied and % Utilized.
  • Line chart - Displays the Peak People and Unique People for each day of the date range.
  • Building Stack chart - Displays the Peak People vs the Minimum Unoccupied workpoints for each floor in the building (even if you only have one floor selected, this allows you to see the floor in the context of the whole building).
  • Average Week chart - Displays the average peak people for each weekday for the date range.



  • There are two variations of this report that use different logic to allocate utilization to different Org Units. The variations are:
    • Report #332 uses the person's individual cost center.
    • Report #334 uses the org unit of the space that was used.
  • If you select the Workpoints checkbox in the top right corner, all Peak People and Seen People statistics in the report will switch to Peak Workpoints / Unique Workpoints. This can be useful if you want to focus on desk usage only (excluding Shared Spaces).
  • If you want to print this report, we recommend choosing PDF export in Landscape mode.