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Moving your teams from one location to another can be challenging. BOS (Bodies on Seats) Move Plans provide a central location to easily manage all plan information while also providing efficient communication to your teams.

Now, you can take your strategic plans and quickly create a BOS Move Plan to move your people and transition to your new workplace.

Access to the BOS module and to the BOS Move Plans is managed using secured actions and roles and the security is detailed in Security in BOS.

BOS and Phases

After the Space Planner identifies a potential scenario, the Scenario Plan is used to move teams around. The BOS Move Plan can then be used to move individual people. This is so that moves can be implemented in a more structured way and caters for situations where some people in the same team are moving to different locations.

Then people can be added to a BOS Move Plan's phase by People, by Teams, or by Workpoints which will bring in their current From Location, and then they can be moved to their To Location. The To Location can be either a Workpoint, Team, Neighborhood, or to a Future Floor and Workpoint, or they can be marked as not moving.


Learning Paths

  • Understand BOS Move Plan Phases - Use this to learn about multiple phases or single phase concepts and what happens when you have a linked move or a sync move in a multiple-phased plan. Also, we will guide you through how to insert, delete, or make adjustments to phases.
  • Get Ready to Physically Move - Use this to learn how to generate the BOS reports, lock the BOS Move Plan for edits, and then send out the Ready email and the Set email.
  • Moving your People - Use this to learn to how to send out the Go email to let your people know it is time to physically move. After the move, you can publish the phase into the Block and Stack (VBS) Live data. Then you can send out the Welcome email to the people who have moved.