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Data Analyst Role

This role is defined as:
  • are primarily concerned with keeping data up-to-date for the purposes of reporting and analysis.
  • often manage a company's space validation process and update space and allocation changes in your Portfolio within Serraview.
  • are mainly concerned with accurate data and ensure the correct information is available in your Portfolio within Serraview.
  • they focus on reporting to understand the statistics and metrics around space and utilization in your Portfolio within Serraview.
  • they normally report to the Space Planner or directly to the Commercial Property Manager.

Also known as a Space Data Manager. Often the Data Analyst role is combined in with the Space Planner role.

Key Responsibilities

Who do they work with?

Implementing Relocations

When using Serraview to manage relocations, it may fall to the Data Manager to implement Scenario Move Plans and BOS Move Plans. This involves liaising with Relocation Managers and following up on the outcome of weekend moves, following up on anomalies, and archiving completed projects.

Relocations Managers and Moves/Add/Changes (MAC) Managers who are doing all the large moves and churns.

Process the Team allocation and space changes

The Data Manager is responsible for processing the Team allocation and space changes. This includes updating the Block and Stack (VBS) with small allocation and occupancy changes.

Space Planners who need data to make decisions.

Relocations Managers and Moves/Add/Changes (MAC) Managers who are doing all the small moves and churns.

Produce Reports

Reporting is done both on a regular basis and as ad-hoc requests. This may also involve managing Snapshots of the system to report on historical data.


Update Core Data

The Core Data (Buildings & Floors, Floorplans, People, Org Unit Structure) must be maintained to ensure they remain current. This means:

  • Managing Automated Report Imports
  • Performing manual imports for occupancy, space or allocation changes 
  • Managing Org Unit Structure updates 
  • Ensuring floorplans are up to date with the correct CAD floorplans and space types 
  • Managing People updates 

Security and Serraview user administration. This means: 

  • Providing system access 
  • Allocating roles and secured actions to users 
  • Managing password resets 
  • Managing in-house roles such as Fire Wardens and First Aid Officers 
  • Maintaining Tags and Custom Fields

Update Occupancy Data

Using Serraview to update occupancy information is known as the Validation process, with the Data Manager often responsible for its execution. Ensure that all teams have Workplace Administrators assigned, communicating with Administrators around the open and close of the process, following up on comments and actions evolving from the validation, and running reports for the Corporate Real Estate team and the Finance team.

Workplace Administrators to make sure data is up-to-date.

Maintaining Email Templates

Ensure that emails sent from the system have accurate content and are sent to the correct recipients.