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Add Desk, Space, or People to your Favorites (Mobile)

When you have a favorite desk or space then these can be added to your Favorites list. Also, if you are working with a colleague you can add them to your Favorites list too. 
The steps to add a favorite are the same for desk, space, or person, so let's use an example and add a Space.

Add a Favorite from the Listing

When you are in the Spaces tab, click the Favorite image2022-7-26_10-56-46.pngicon.


Then next to the space click the Add Favorite image2022-7-26_10-57-11.png icon  to add the space to the Favorites list.


If you want to remove a favorite from the list, then click the Remove Favorite image2022-7-26_10-57-41.png icon.

Add a Favorite Desk or Space from the individual Desk or Space

When you are about to reserve your desk or space, you will be able to quickly add this to your favorite. If later you don't want this on your favorites list then it can be removed.

  1. Tap the name of the space.
  2. Tap the More Actions clipboard_ec4781e44b45031935ebe79816f67c0ce.png icon.
  3. Tap the Add to favorites menu item. The space is added to your Favorites list.