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Neighborhood Booking Origin Analysis Dashboard


This dashboard assists Managers to understand booking patterns at team and neighborhood levels, particularly highlighting cases where people book (via assistance) into team spaces other than their own assigned team areas. This provides an important perspective on booked occupancy vs capacity because cross-neighborhood or team bookings may be hidden in overall statistics.

For example, sales may only be using 12% of their bookable spaces for their own team, yet based on total bookings including those from other teams, summary metrics (and the full desks) may show 85% capacity on any given day. To which teams should we assign additional spaces? Which teams have more spaces than they need? Should we allow cross-team bookings?

This dashboard also assists with the investigation into why people may be booking outside their assigned areas. Is it because of relative occupancy vs capacity? Do teams' operational affinities play a role? Answers to these questions can help further refine booking policies and assignment strategies.

Special Data Elements

  • Outflows - Numbers of persons booking into a non-assigned neighborhood.

  • InflowsNumbers of persons booking into a neighborhood who are assigned to other locations.

Special Filters

Cross-tile filtering is enabled for this dashboard.

  • Click a neighborhood name and this will add that neighborhood to the dashboard filter and cause all other tiles to filter accordingly.
  • To toggle the selection off either click the selection again OR click the x icon by the filter item at the top of the dashboard OR click on a different neighborhood name to change the filter selection.
  • For multiple selections, use CTRL-click or CMD-click (for MAC users).


  • Focused on desk bookings only, not meeting room reservations.

  • Requires Engage booking data as the source of activity.