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Update existing Flexible Teams target ratios in your Scenario


You can update existing teams' target ratios. If a mix of Fixed Teams and Flexible Teams are selected, then ratio changes are only applied to the Flexible Teams and the Fixed Teams are ignored

If you need more information about a floor's capacity and (derived) target ratios then refer to Floor and Neighborhood Capacity Calculation.

To update the Flexible Teams target ratios, complete the following:

  1. From the stack select one team or multiple teams, or change the Group By to an Org Unit Level. See Select multiple Teams in Scenario VBS.
  2. From the Scenario VBS Blocking Toolbar, click the Bulk update selected teams clipboard_e0d6135de3d297549fe3ab6e043eb354a.png icon. The Bulk Update Teams form displays.
  3. For the Change Target Ratio, click the Custom button.
  4. In the target ratio field, enter target ratio.


  1. Click the Apply button.
  2. Click the Update Teams button.