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Select multiple BOS Grid Rows

Some BOS fields allow multi-select so users can perform bulk actions or updates such as:

Select All Rows in the BOS Grid

If you want to select all the BOS Grid rows.

  1. Click the Select All Rows clipboard_ea3dceb87da6c744c5cba63304a6d8098.png icon.

All the BOS Grid rows are selected and, for example, if you refreshed from the live Block & Stack (VBS) then all 55 rows will be refreshed.


All Rows displayed on the screen

This selects the rows displayed on the screen.

  1. Select the Pagination drop-down, select the number of pages to display. For example:  clipboard_e0e1088403491eebf13b59fdcb8851ff6.png
  2. In the column header, check the item check box. 

This will only select all the items displayed on the page.


Nonconsecutive Rows

Use this to select different rows.

  • In the row, check the item check box to select the row.


Consecutive Rows

Use this to select multiple consecutive rows.

  1. Hold the Shift key and click the first row's item check box.
  2. Click the last row's item check box. This will select all rows between those two points.