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Meeting Rooms - Booked vs Detected Dashboard

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Meeting Rooms - Booked vs Detected Dashboard


This dashboard uses Sensor Data and Booking Data to examine how many bookings are being attended by at least 1 person. Both meeting room booking data AND sensor data is required for this dashboard. 

This dashboard slices the meeting in-person attendance data by space type, org unit, day of the week, and hour of the day. This all helps to identify patterns when bookings don’t get used. A daily visualization at the bottom summarizes every day in the date range to help identify the overall trends.

Special Data Elements

  • Attended Booking = Any booking where at least 1 person was detected for at least 5 minutes.
  • Unattended Booking = Any booking where no people have been detected for at least 5 minutes.

Special Filters

  • Organizer/Attendee Org Unit Level filter - These single-value filters only update their respective Attendance by Organizer/Attendee (Top 15) tiles.


Requires both Sensor data AND Booking data. With no booking data, this dashboard will show nothing. With no sensor data, it will show all bookings as unattended.


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