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2022 September Engage Product Release

September's releases include.

Digital Accessibility

Eptura commits to digital accessibility for all people of all abilities. We apply relevant accessibility standards to deliver on this commitment. 

Find the Engage iOS Accessibility Conformance Report and Engage Android Accessibility Conformance Report, in the article Our Commitment to Digital Accessibility.

Engage and Serraview

Bulk Update spaces to Limit a Space's Reservations by Date

Released September 15th

In the Bulk Update module, you will be able to specify a Reserve From date or the Reserve To date for when a desk is available to be reserved. This is useful when you need to take a desk offline for maintenance,


Learn more about Limit a Space's Reservation by Date.

Display your Favorites at the Building Level

Released September 10th

Your Favorite list will display your spaces, desks, or people for the building you have selected.

Engage Mobile and Web

Group Reservations

Released September 15th

When you have a list of favorite people in Engage, you will be able to create a Group Reservation. 

It is important to remember your System Administrator will have to assign the secured action called Reservations - Book for any team to the user role to allow employees to create Group Reservation.

The creation of a Group Reservation is the same workflow as a Team Reservation, so this will let you reserve for all your favorite people or just the ones you select.


Learn more in Group Reservation (Web) and Group Reservation (Mobile).

Other Fixes and Improvements

Released September 29th

  • General usability and accessibility improvements and bugs.

Released September 15th

  • General usability and accessibility improvements and bugs.

Released September 1st

  • General usability improvements and bugs.