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2023 February Serraview Product Release

February's release includes:

Also, other fixes and improvements.

Released February 18th, 2023

Serraview User Interface Improvements

Released February 18th

We are updating the Serraview user interface with a new font to improve the user experience and readability. 

Note that the following areas will not have the new font: 

  • Serraview Insights Dashboards, Locator, Workplace Portal, My Workplace, Legacy Dashboards, Portfolio Dashboards, My Imports, Floorplan Importer, File Upload, and Floorplan Importer Tool.
  • Serraview and Engage email notifications.
  • Serraview's standard reports and custom reports.





Report 34 Enhancement

Released February 18th

The 34 Workstation Details Report will include a Village column so you will know the Village's name for the report details generated.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Released February 18th

  • General usability and accessibility improvements and bugs.

Audit Search

Audit Search has been moved from Beta Release to General Availability Release

This provides the ability to search and see a full audit history for a particular item, for example, a single building, a team, or workpoint.

Audit Search contains the changes made to the Serraview data in the areas: Access Card, Asset, Building, Configuration, Custom Fields, Desk Booking, Floor, Neighborhood, Org Unit, Person, Role, Space, Tag, Team, or User. Learn more in Audit Search.


Released February 4th, 2023

Custom Field's Default Value Enhancement

Released February 4th, 2023

Currently the Custom Field's default value is a free text field and this will be changed so you select a value from a Default Value drop-down list. This is to make sure the default value exists in the Reference Set.


Learn more about Custom Fields.

Other Fixes and Improvements 

Released February 4th, 2023

  • General usability and accessibility improvements and bugs.