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Set up Employee Grade Booking Rule


An Employee Grade helps you identify a grouping of employees with similar positions to allow them to reserve certain desks or offices in your organization. For example, you will have a C-suite of executives, such as CEO, CTO, CFO, and you want them to be able to reserve particular spaces.

In the diagram below, there are offices and an executive office on Floor 11. Now, you only want your C-suite Executives to be able to book the Executive Offices on the floors. So, you will be able to set up the space type and update the space's Engage Booking Access so only employees with the "Grade A" Booking Grade can reserve these spaces.



Your Administrator will be able to set this up using the Person Import, which will populate the Booking Grade for particular employees and it will populate the keyword called Employee Grade.

Person Import and the People Directory

First, your Person Import will have the new column called ‘Employee Grade’. When this is populated and then imported in, the keyword called Employee Grade is automatically populated with the grades. For example, if you use the Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, etc then this is added to the keyword OR you may use the sequence of Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, etc.

The People Import will be updated to include the following column:

Column Name Data Type Max Length Column Required Value Required Unique in this file

Booking Grade

Text 200 No No No


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Then you will see these against the person in the People Directory.



Secondly, let's look at the keyword and you will see the keyword has set of pre-defined values, such as Grade A, Grade B, etc. These will be used to populate the Employee Grade field found in the Person details form (see screenshot below).


Space Hierarchy

Now, let’s look at your Space Hierarchy as this is where you need to set the Employee Grade Access field. This is where you can set the grade on the space type.

In this example, let's set the Office space type to Grade A so only people with this grade can book these offices.


Allow Employees with an Employee Grade to Reserve Desks

Finally, you need to enable the Employee Grade setting in the Engage Configuration and then set up the spaces to allow those employees with the grade to reserve the desks. Learn more in the Allow Employees with an Employee Grade to Reserve Desks article.