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2021 March Product Release Overview

The following will be released for Serraview:

New Spaces Module has landed!

Released to Production on the March 6th

This new module will replace the existing Space Viewer module and the (legacy) Space Mapping module.

Spaces Module will let you:

  • Investigate the floors and spaces more easily and everyone will have access and be able to search for people and spaces.
  • Manually map (or add/edit Serraview polylines) to your floors.

As we are very excited about this module, the documentation has been released early.


Spaces Module Multiselect and Panning

Released to Production on the March 20th

image2021-2-24_15-10-24.pngEdit Polyline 

When you use the Edit Serraview Polyline this tool will have the Multiselect image2021-3-11_14-21-39.png icon which can be toggle between multiselect and panning the floorplan. The multiselect can be used to select shapes or points.


For more details, refer to Move a Shape's Points

image2021-2-24_15-10-12.png  Add Polyline

As you add new Serraview Polylines to the floorplan you can remain in the Add Polyline mode. The Panning mode can be turned on image2021-3-11_14-25-57.png and this will change the  click-drag mouse behavior from drawing to panning.


For more details, refer to Add Serraview Polyline.

Quickly update the Access Profiles

Released to Production on the March 6th

To make the managing of your Access Profiles quicker, you will be able to now edit an Access Profile. This can be useful when a Workplace Manager needs to be changed for a team because they have left the business or moved teams.


For more information, refer to Replace a Workplace Manager.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Service Request's FYI Email and the 63 Business Case Report 

Released to Production on the March 6th

The FYI Email will be sent out with the 63 Business Case Report attached to it.

For more details, refer to Service Request Emails.

Service Request and Custom Fields

Released to Production on the March 6th

The Corporate Real Estate team have custom questions for the MAC Planners which are only for internal use. Therefore they don't want the custom question visible on the new Service Request form. So, we have changed the Visibility drop-down.

When you create custom fields for a Service Request the Visibility drop-down has been changed from:


To be:


When you select the Visible on SR Details Only, then the custom field (question) will only display on the Service Request details form, see Update Other Form Questions

For more details, refer to Custom Fields and  Configure the Custom Fields for a Service Request Type.

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