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Eptura Knowledge Center

Navigate Email

Level: System Administrator

Serraview email templates and the email outbox are accessed via:

  • Navigate to Admin Settings > System Config > General > Email. The Email Templates screen displays.

The email templates are listed by their type.


From the Templates tab, you can search for a specific email template.

  • use the Search field, enter the search criteria.

From the Show Type drop-down, select either:

  • All Types
  • BOS Emails
  • Bulk Email Person
  • Scenario Planner Emails
  • Service Request Emails
  • System Emails
  • Workplace Admin Emails
  • Storage Emails
  • Locker Emails
  • Parking Emails

You can display the disabled emails.

  • Click the Disabled toggle. 

If an email template is disabled it will display as inactive.


The Email Outbox is accessed via:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Email.
  2. Click the Email Outbox image2020-3-18_9-18-23.png icon.

The Email Outbox tab displays, listing all emails with the status of their delivery.


If you are using the UAT environment, you can push out the pending email from the Email Outbox. For more information, refer to Send an email from the UAT Environment.

You can search the outbox for a specific type of email.

  • Use the Search field and enter the search criteria.