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2022 July Serraview Product Release

The following was released for Serraview:

Make your Markers visible in Engage

Released July 23rd

When you want your markers to be displayed in Engage your System Administrator can change the marker’s setting to visible.

The Space Hierarchy will now contain the list of markers and your System Administrator can select the marker your organization wants to be visible and then go to the Engage tab and change the Stylized Floorplan Render to Visible. When the setting is saved then the marker will display in Engage.


Learn more in Make your Markers visible in Engage.

Person Card displays in Serraview system-wide

Released July 23rd

You will be able to hover over a person's name to display their person card.


Space Type Hierarchy Import now includes the Function column

Released July 23rd

Now your System Administrator can import in the Function and this column defines the purpose of the space and this lets you categorize your space types from a main Space Function list, for example, Core Building Service, Encroachment, Expansion, Secondary Circulation, Training, Public Space, Laboratory, Office - Individual, Office - Collaboration, Unknown.


Learn more in Space Type Hierarchy Import and Requirements for Space Type Hierarchy.

Other Fixes and Improvements Continue in July

Released July 23rd

  • Accessibility enhancements and bugs.

Emergency Equipment removed from the Space Hierarchy

Released July 7th 

As the Emergency Equipment can be added to floorplans using markers this means the Emergency Equipment in the Space Hierarchy is now redundant. In this release, we will remove the Emergency Equipment from the Space Hierarchy.


Learn more about how to add markers to the floorplan, see Add, Move, or Remove Markers.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Released July 7th

  • Accessibility enhancements and bugs.
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