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Flexi Team Initial Upload

Level: Client IT / System Administrator / Serraview Implementation Team


  • Buildings and Floors data to be uploaded.
  • Floorplans to be uploaded.
  • Org Unit Hierarchy data to be uploaded.
  • People data to be uploaded.

Data Loading Order for Flexible Team

The table below details the loading order for flexible seating.

Load Order

Flexible Seating


Allocate Teams
Flexible teams and hoods can be allocated to either the floor or desk where data is available.
If the space is using neighborhoods, they are included with the allocation data loading.
If information is available to a desk level, team, and neighborhoods can be listed in the import with the workstation number for loading.
If information is only currently available at the floor level, then the list can be loaded, and further detail can be added when available.


Occupancy to Teams
The occupancy data for flexible teams is loaded into the Serraview. This involves listing each occupant (person) and which desk they are sitting at.


Collect remaining data using the Visual Block and Stack (Block and Stack (VBS)) or Workplace Portal.

Methods of Transfer

Data can be imported into Serraview via My Imports or File Upload, refer to Methods of Data Transfer.

Validate the Flexible Team data

After the data has been uploaded you will need to check the data, refer to Validate Flexi Team Data.