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Eptura Knowledge Center

Quick Start

All users need to understand the following concepts.

Serraview Navigation

It is important to be familiar with the user interface and each module area in the Help Center will describe the user interface in more detail, so we all will be on the same page if you need assistance. See, Serraview Navigation and the Serraview product and help center use the terminology in the Serraview Glossary and abbreviations that are listed in Serraview Abbreviations.

Serraview Security


As Serraview has two environments, called UAT and Production, each environment has the user security set up differently:

  • UAT environment - this is where the System Administrators can test the set up of module configuration, email setup, and security roles setup. Note that any email sent out from this environment will need to be sent out manually as the automatic emails will be turned off.
  • PROD environment - this is where the end users will complete their daily activities, and emails are sent out automatically.


Each person can have one or multiple roles, with each role made up of a number of secured actions. The Manage User Roles article lists the default roles and explains how to manage the secured action in the role.

Test User

In either environment, a System Administrator can set up a test user account to check if they have set up a user account with the correct security roles and secured actions or if they want to check if an email template is set up correctly. For more details, see Add a test user account.

Sign into Serraview

You will either be provided with a username and password to sign in manually, or Serraview will accept your standard network account via a process called Single Sign On (SSO). See, Sign in to Serraview - Authentication Methods.

Recommended Practice

The Serraview Knowledge Center contains recommended/best practices for using Serraview, to learn more see, Recommended Practice.