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Export Data from Insights Editor

Data Analyst

You can download the data behind the dashboard's explore.

  1. Open Insights Editor.
  2. Navigate to your dashboard.
  3. Hover on the tile.
  4. Click on the More Actions clipboard_efd6388c5cbfce37d1d47f49f0a4a3cb7.png icon.


  1. Click Explore from here. The Explore screen displays.
  2. Click the Explore actions clipboard_e8519af5d0eeddb162dccef65116fd71c.png icon.


  1. Click Save and schedule.

The Save Look dialog displays and if you don't have a look you will need to save one first.


  1. In the Title field, enter the name of the look.
  2. Select the folder where you want the look to be saved to.
  3. Click the Save & View Look button. The Look screen displays.
  4. Click the Explore actions clipboard_e8519af5d0eeddb162dccef65116fd71c.png icon.


  1. Click Schedule. The Schedule look dialog displays.


  1. Complete the schedule details, data format, trigger, and filters.

If needed, you can click the Send Test button to send a test email out.

  1. Click the Save All button.

Remember if you want to find out which dashboards or looks are scheduled, then head over to your folders.