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Proximity (Badge Swipe) Report

Watch the Proximity (Badge Swipe) Report Video

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Serraview is committed to assisting Corporate Real Estate teams in the event an incident disrupts everyday working life for your employees and your business.

The Proximity (Badge) report has been created to allow clients to investigate the movement of an individual and identify those who have been detected in the same building and is available for clients who have Badge Swipe data in Serraview.

The available parameters are the location and date range, and the name of one or more people on which to run the report.

This report has been added as a custom report to your Serraview environment. You can find it by searching the report name in the Reporting module and is available in both the Serraview 2.0 and Serraview 3.0 platforms.


For this example, I have nominated Australia as the location, the date range as 1st to the 29th of February, and searched for the staff member “Benjamin Ferguson”.  

Note that Benjamin Ferguson is a fictitious person.


The Selected Persons Activity tab shows us the buildings where the Benjamin was detected, and the date they entered the building. It also shows he is a “resident” of the building which means he has been assigned a location within that building in the Visual Block and Stack. This tab also includes the manager’s name and email address, and the number of hours the Benjamin was in the building based on Badge Swipe data.


The Proximity by Individual tab shows all people that were detected in the same building on the same dates as the nominated individual. This is listed by date, so simply scroll down to see each date listed in its own table.


The All Data tab shows us all people who were in the nominated location for the entire date range.  This is presented as raw data, and you can use the filters to home in on specific dates within your date range.

For example, Benjamin was detected on the 18th of February, and then again on the 25th of February. Using the All Data tab I can filter to see people who were detected in the building on any date between the 18th and the 25th if required.

We hope you will find this report useful when managing potential workplace incidents relating to individuals using Badge data.