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Locator with Employee Images

Employees and visitors using Locator (desktop and kiosk) can see an employee photo displayed beside their colleague's details (name, job title, team, email and phone number). This is done by Locator linking to photos in an URL field in your HR Environment and the following is set up:
  • the images are controlled and hosted by your organization. We recommend the image to be a square aspect ratio with the resolution be 300px x 300px.
  • the employee photos will be accessible within your organization's intranet or externally based on your organization's security configuration. For example https://[employee_photo_url]

Then the Serraview's Image URL field is populated via the HR Person import. The Person import will need to include a populated Image URL column, refer to Person Import

The following are examples of the employee photos:

  • Desk with single occupant with employee photo.


  • Desk with single occupant with no photo.


  • Desk with single occupant and the employee photo has a broken link to the photo.


  • Desk with multiple occupants.


  • Desk with multiple occupants and one of the employee photos has a broken link to the photo.