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2023 March Serraview Product Release

March's release includes:

  • Space to display a User-friendly Name
  • Locale Setting no longer requires extra Secured Actions

Spaces to display a User-friendly Name

Released March 11th

You will be able to manage the preferred name of a space, so that user friendly names, such as North Boardroom, can be shown in the user interface instead of their architectural names, such as M.04.12. The preferred names are used in your office's physical signage and known to employees.


Learn more about spaces in Space Details Form.

Locale Setting no longer requires extra Secured Actions

Released March 11th

The Set your Locale drop-down no longer requires the following secured actions:

  • Configuration - Security - Edit User
  • Configuration - Security - Access

Users will be able to change the locale setting without the extra security.


Learn more, see Set your locale.