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Eptura Knowledge Center

Update Service Request Type, Summary, Tags, or Priority

From the Manage Service Request screen.
  • Click a service request to edit. The Edit Service Request screen displays.

Update Service Request Type

You can change the request type.


  1. From the Service Request type drop-down, select the request type. For example Additional Desks, Major Works, Relinquish.

The Service Request Types list is configurable in the keywords, refer to Keywords.

Update Service Request Summary

You can edit the brief summary of the service request.


  1. For the Summary field, click the Pencil worddavb0aa3a87a2884cdde9b93c34882e27a3.png icon to edit. The Summary dialog displays.
  2. In the Summary field, enter a brief summary of the request.
  3. Click the Save button.

Update Tags

You can add or remove tags on the service request.


  1. In the Tags field, click on the Pencil PencilIcon.png icon
  2. Enter in the name of the tag to create a tag.


3. Click the tick TickIcon.png icon to save and exit.

You can remove a tag, click the x icon next to the tag's name.

Update Service Request Priority

The priority level can either be High, Normal, or Low.

  1. Click the Priority label. The priority list displays.
  2. Select a priority.