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Version 2.56 - November 2017 Release Notes

Notable Changes and New Features


Enhancement - The "Apply" button to the right of the report parameters in the Reporting Dashboard allows you to update any number of parameters, then apply them all at once. This saves you time in having to re-load every time you change a single parameter.

If you prefer the existing behavior, simply select the worddavf42107928f69d074d5ce03408fff00b9.png  checkbox to the left of the parameters, and each parameter will be applied as you make your edit.


Enhancement - The Lightweight Desktop Monitor (LDM) can now be installed on computers running Mac OS version 10.10. through to 10.13. allowing them to be recorded in utilization reports and visible in Serraview Locator.

Minor Changes


Fix - BOS Add Locations > By Manager pulls all people reporting to the selected manager even if they do not have a home location assigned.

Buildings & Floors

Fix - Default Target Ratio can be edited.


Enhancement  - The creation and assigning of tags is now controlled by the following secured actions. Without these, tag fields will be read-only. This provides greater control to System Administrators and minimizes accidental adding and deleting of tags.

  • General - Assign Tags
  • General - Create Tags

My Workplace

Fix - Disabled retention statuses are no longer available.

Scenario Planning

Enhancement - Target ratios for Hoods can now be changed in Scenario Move Projects.


Fix - On the Phase form the Description field has been edited to be a text box as per expected behavior.


Fix - In both VBS and Scenario Planner, changing the Hood color now works as expected.


Enhancement - The validation message can be customized via Configuration > Setup > Workplace > Requires Validation Message.


Fix - When you drag and drop an occupant to a Flexi desk, the secured actions are correctly checked before allowing the action to be completed.

Fix - The spelling of "centre" has been corrected to "center" as per the US-English locale setting.

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