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Set up the Markers with the Language Translation

Level: Administrator

The Markers can be set up to connect your employees in your supported language. 

By default, the marker names will match the en-US version; your Administrator can change the names based on their regional preferences. This gives you the flexibility to customize marker names according to local terminology. For example, your Kitchen in en-US can now be Cocina in es-ES (Spanish).

Step 1. Select the Language

From Serraview, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Reference Data > Space Types.
  2. In the Space Hierarchy, scroll down to the Makers section.


  1. From the language drop-down, select the language.

For example, en-US this is English (United States), this the default language and this is changed to es-ES and this is Spanish (Spain).

Step 2. Add the Translation

  1. Either browse or search for the marker's name.
  2. Select the marker.
  3. In the Space Type Name field, enter in the translation.
  4. Click the Update Space Type button.


Remember, when you have translation entered, then you will have to search for the space type using the translation.