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Version 2.36 - October 2014 Release Notes

New Major Features

VBS Team Panel Drag & Drop

The Occupants tab has been exposed in the team panel grid removing the need for users to open the Team Form. Users can now quickly add, delete & allocate staff to a desk by simply clicking and dragging a staff name to a workpoint.


Move Projects Support Hoods

You are now able to work with Hoods in Move Projects. This includes the migration of current Hoods into existing Move Projects and the capability to create, delete and rename Hoods within a Move Project.

Predefined Retention Reasons in My Workplace

You now have a new drop-down field in My Workplace Portal to enter predetermined retention reasons. Currently, users need to enter a comment to explain why a fixed desk does not have an occupant. Replacing this practice with selecting a retention reason will allow accurate tracking and reporting around the reasons for vacancy. The feature needs to be enabled which the Support team will do for you on request. Also, the reasons you see in the drop-down can be determined by you. Just ask Support to configure these for you. The retention reason drop-down will appear for fixed desks that are allocated to a cost centre. When you edit that workpoint, you will have the option to either add a person or choose a retention reason. Note that a desk that has a retention reason selected will still count as unoccupied in your statistics. However, you will have the ability to report on unoccupied desks and analyse the percentage of these being held for the determined reasons.


Retention Reasons are generic and can be modified by Serraview Support.

Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements


Move-Keep function in the VBS now removes staff from their previous location if 'Move' is selected.


On session timeout, users are now redirected to login page. New Secured Action "VBS - Access" which allows moving and editing teams.


Extraneous scroll bars on small screens no longer appear. Implementing a move where a moving occupant is no longer sitting at departing location in BAU will no longer have an implementation error.

My Workplace

Help Centre link now points to Zendesk. Secured Action required to run Occupant Details report. Users with permission to run the Occupancy Report no longer receive a hover pop-up saying they do not have access. System Admins now have the ability to set the 'default' label size for Workplace Portal floorplan reports. This is located in Config > Setup > MyWorkplace Portal - Report Label Size.


Report 77 no longer shows buildings with zero workpoints. Report 212 shows correct workpoint count over selected date range. Report 141 shows current workpoint occupancy configuration when workpoint has become Flexi. Report 48 has been replaced with Report 230, which is customisable in Report Builder.

Access Profiles

Can now delete Floor Rep from the Floor form.


Can upload Logos from Configuration page. Help link updated to point to Zendesk Help Centre. Chrome now supports uploading files.


Occupancy import now allows you to update the Cost Centre of a desk. Wireup data can be imported from a CSV file.


Outbox is now the first tab in email module. Outbox filtering improved in email module. Email templates can now have names assigned in email module.

Move Projects

Team working style can now be changed in a Move Project. Team names can now be changed in a Move Project. New streamlined Summary screen. Filter options changed in Move Projects

Service Requests

Person search and paging improvements. Can now make Requester/Contact fields mandatory.


When hovering over office area the team admins are distinct and ordered by first name.

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