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Asset Import - Create and Allocate Assets

You can create storage, lockers, car parks and allocate people or teams to the assets.


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The columns needed to complete this are:

  • columns to identify a building, floor, and container. The container can refer to the bay of Storage, Lockers & Car Parks that have been mapped on the floor e.g. L.1.001-010 or it can refer to the zone of the floor e.g. 01.
  • column for Team Name -This field is optional.
  • column for Cost Center -This field is optional.
  • column for Asset Name -This can refer to the individual asset within a bay (e.g. L.1.001).
  • column for Asset Type - Asset Types (e.g. Lockers) are configurable and any extra types or sub-types (e.g. Bottom Locker) can be created.
  • column for Current Owner -This optional field accepts Employee Number.
  • column for Future Owner -This optional field accepts Employee Number.

For more information, refer to Requirements for Asset Data.

Methods of Transfer

Data can be imported into Serraview via My Imports or File Upload, refer to Methods of Data Transfer.

Validate the Asset data

After the data has been uploaded you will need to check the data in the relevant area, refer to StorageLockers, or Parking.