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Assignments History Dashboard


For Space Planners seeking to optimize assignment ratios across their portfolios, this dashboard presents multiple facets of assignment vs capacity vs target ratios so they can spot opportunities and confirm progress.

Benefits include:

  • Get the latest values for key assignment ratio metrics

  • Understand progress and changes over time

  • Identify areas of concern

Special Data Elements

  • Person Assignments - The count of every assignment of every person.

  • Total Assignments - Person Assignments plus the count of workpoints retained as occupied.

  • Current Ratio Difference - Displays the Assignment Ratio (Occupancy Ratio) minus the Target Assignment Ratio as a needle on a radial gauge, with additional context provided by the color ranges in the background which indicate the health of the difference.

Special Filters

  • History Date filter - the filter accepts a date range, unlike most of the History Date filters in other dashboards.