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Eptura Knowledge Center

Insights Configuration Overview

Serraview Only Configuration

The Insights Configuration is set up by the Serraview Support team, if you need any settings changed then contact the Support team.

From Serraview navigate to the configuration:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > General.
  2. Select Insights

Below is a list of the Insights settings.

ETL Settings

Field Description
ETL Time (HH:mm) field

Enter the ETL time in the format of HH:mm. We recommend the time 23:00 as this will ensure that you have captured the entire day's work of data. 

This time is relative to the server time, for example, EST for US and AEST for AU.

ETL Time Series Frequency (hours) field

Enter the hour(s) which the time series data processing part of ETL runs in between the main ETL's daily run. A value of 0 disables time series data processing.

Run ETL on Deployment checkbox

This is checked by default.

This ensures the ETL runs immediately after deployment, and it also allows the Support team to run the ETL at any time by simply redeploying Insights.

Start Date calendar picker

From Start Date calendar picker, select the start date.

This is the start date from where you want to load the Client’s snapshots and time series data. Insights will do a one-time load of data using the last Serraview snapshot of each month since the start date, to create a history of values out of the box.

3. Click the Update button.

Remember after your update the ETL settings you must redeploy Insights for the Serraview client's instance via the Deploy Dashboard.

Direct Connect Settings

Field Description
Direct Connect - Enabled? check box Check the Direct Connect - Enabled? check box to enable Direct Connect for the instance.
Direct Connect - CS Email Enter the CS email.
Direct Connect - User Names Enter the user names.
Direct Connect - User Emails Enter the user emails.

3. Click the Update button.

Remember after you update the Direct Connect settings you must redeploy Insights Direct Connect for the Serraview client's instance via the Deploy Dashboard.