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Workpoint Import and Chargeback

Level: System Administrator

Charge Rule

You can bulk update the Charge Rule for a particular region, building or floor, using the Workpoint Import (as described below) OR you can use the Spaces Module, refer to Set up Space's Charge Rules


  1. Make the floors are the right scale (measure them compared to the CAD).
  2. Make sure the Client reviews all mapping of spaces.
  3. Make sure the Client reviews the space hierarchy charge rules after explaining what will be included and excluded from NLA.
  4. If there are still any issues then you can try looking at a basic report that shows all spaces on a floor, their area and charge rule.


The columns needed to complete this update are:

  • columns to identify a building, floor and container
  • column for Charge Rule - Set the charge rule for the space.
  • option column Allow Org Unit Allocations - Set this if you are using Shared Allocation, refer to Change the Charge Rule to a Shared Allocation.

For details on the columns and the Data Dictionary, refer to Requirements for Workpoint Data.

Import Report

You can use the 141 Workpoint Properties Report to list the workpoint properties. This file can be used to make changes to your workpoints and rooms to re-import to Serraview.

Methods of Transfer

Data can be imported into Serraview via SFTP, My Imports or File Upload, refer to Methods of Data Transfer.

Validate the Workpoint data

You can check the import has worked by checking the space types in Configuration > Mapping, refer to Chargeback.