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Navigate the Parking Module

Let us guide you through the Parking module so you can become more familiar with this module.

From the left-menu, click Resources > Parking. The Manage Parking screen displays.


This screen consists of:

Element Description
clipboard_e2930a3c86fb0ba03524efbacfefb4251.png Add icon
clipboard_e3d3814f0d4178cfae17d56b383659303.png Delete icon
clipboard_e47cf1fccf563a1a512a9bca5a985b961.png Send email icon
clipboard_e914bc123d40004a3ab0f03ebaed693a7.png Quick Reports icon
clipboard_e81a22ec6035dcbefeef43e6b5b84bcfb.png Quick Reports Parameters icon
clipboard_e5c014abdc433845ff52948f2436aeffd.png Owner Vacant filter, Transferring To Vacant filter, and Different Owners filter
clipboard_efb1dd6c5d0462c300ddf731f804d9d9f.png Search field
clipboard_e7bface4f1d1f619746b1fcef052bdf4b.png Filter icon
clipboard_eb3d204a29ff01af9a3d163fca3f4433c.png Audit History icon

The columns include:

  • Select All icon

This will only select all the items on the page.

  • Asset Name
  • Type
  • Location
  • Comments
  • Owning Team
  • Owner
  • Transferring To