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Eptura Knowledge Center

2022 September Insights Product Release

Insights Editor

Released September 29th

Insights Editor updates include:

  • NEW - Added SVLive Port/Mapping and SVLive Switch Views to SVLive Explores. These Views contain information about the switch assets associated with the data and may be useful during diagnosis/troubleshooting.

  • NEW - Added the Village Name field to the Location View, available in all Explores with that View.

  • NEW - Added the Village and Village Metrics Views to Insights Explores. These View contain comprehensive information about villages as a complete part of the location structure and their associated metrics. The Views are located in the following Explores: Location (+ all extended Explores); Person; Asset; Space Type.

Released September 15th

  • Performance Improvements - This provides improves the Utilization (All) Explore that powers, dashboards such as the Combined Utilization Summary dashboard.

Released September 2nd

  • BETA - We have marked the Baseline Metrics as in Beta, as there is ongoing development with the structure of the View and its underlying calculations.

For Explores with the Location View

  • Select the fields “Show Not Managed Buildings/Floors“ in the Location View

  • In the Filters tab, set them to Yes

For Explores without the Location View:

  • Select the field “Show Not Managed“ in either the Building or Floor View

  • In the Filters tab, set to Yes

Insights Dashboards

Released September 29th

Insights Dashboards updates include:

  • NEW - SVLive People Details Dashboard - This dashboard provides a person-focused summary of SVlive activity. It provides a quick by day look at where employees have been and how long they were detected there. The details tile breaks that summarized detail down further so you can see exactly when and where these employees were detected.

  • NEW - Booking Recaptures Dashboard - This dashboard provides a detailed summary of booking cancelations, recycles and recaptures. A recapture booking is a booking that was not canceled and that also replaced a cancelled booking. Recapture bookings indicate how much space usage has been gained due to the above recycled bookings. The Booking Timeline tile helps you see visually what % of space usage is due to recaptures. In other words - this calls out how much gain there has been due to effective recapture rates.