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Highlights Through to 2020 December 12

Below are the highlights for the release.

New 346 Audit History Report

This report records the changes to assets, people, person locations, and containers. There are instructions provided to assist you with understanding the change log.


The report consists of the following tabs:

  • Instructions
  • Changelog
  • Assets
  • People and PersonLocations
  • Containers

For more details, see 346 Audit History Report.

Duplicate a Scenario Plan


UserVoice Idea
As you refine your Scenario Plan, you can copy the plan and make adjustments until you reach the final approved plan.


For more details, see Create or Duplicate your Scenario Plan.

Space Hierarchy is now in Serraview V3

Serraview's Space Type Hierarchy is used to define the Space Types used on the floorplan and these will be set up to reflect the Space Types you use in your business.

Each Space Type can be mapped on the floorplan as:

  • polygon - which can be drawn in either a rectangular or irregular shape.
  • point - which is a small dot on the floorplan.

The Space Type Hierarchy Structure can be seen in the Space Viewer.


And the Space Hierarchy is managed in the Admin area.


For more details, see Space Type Hierarchy and Add, Edit, or Delete the Space Types.

Archive Candidates is now in V3

During a Person Import there is an option to archive people who are not in the import. When this setting is used add any person in Serraview who is not present in the Person Import file will be moved to the Archive Candidates list. The archive candidates will stay on the list for a predetermined time before they are deleted from Serraview. This ensures that as people are off-boarded from your source data, they are also removed from Serraview. 


For more details, see Archive or Reject People on the Archive Candidates List.

Select one or all Workplace Administrators and send out emails

You maybe be familiar with the Select All Rows in the Bulk Update module, now we have added this to the Workplace Administration module. The Manage Admins grid and the Access Profiles grid will have the ability to either select the all rows (the entire data set) or a selection of rows.


For more details, see Send out Validation Open, Reminder, or Closed Emails.

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