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SVLive and Wireup Configuration

SVLive technology is designed to capture real-time utilization of office space within a company. It works by analyzing the computer network to determine which users are connected to the network, whether they have been active recently, and where they are located. 

There are several key activities that must be completed to enable SVLive wired data collection:

No. Item Responsible

Install and Configure SVLive

Serraview Implementation  team to have installed and set up either:

  • SVLive2 where the SVLive Presence Service enables machines on the network to communicate to the Serraview's services.
  • SVLive1 where the LDM captures information about activity on a person's device as they log into their network. Then this is communicated to the MLS server.
Client IT and Serraview Implementation team

Network Switches

Client provides a spreadsheet listing the service area (building & floor) of the network switches, which will be imported by the Serraview Implementation  team. This is a major roadblock if not done correctly. In addition to gathering the details of the switches, these switches also need to be configured with the correct SNMP Community String settings.

For more information, refer to Prepare for initial wireup.

Client IT

Validate the MLS Installation

For the Wireup module to work, MLS must have been installed and configured on your infrastructure. The Client IT and the SpaceIQ team work together to install and configure the Managed Location Service (MLS) server within the client corporate network. The MLS collects activity messages sent and then sends them to the Serraview product to power the Wayfinding technology (Locator) and the Utilization Reporting.

You will need to validate the MSL installation and make sure that the MLS is communicating with the switches.

For more information, refer to Prepare for initial wireup.

Client IT and Serraview Implementation team

Wireup Module Configuration

You will need to setup the configuration settings of the Wireup module prior to using it. Also, the Wireup module contains default flags and your System Administrator can add more flags.

For more information, refer to Wireup Configuration Tasks.

Client IT and Serraview Implementation team

Wireup Workpoints

Workpoints can be wired-up via:

Client IT and Serraview Implementation  team

Data Point Import

If you have mappings from switch ports to desks, sometimes referred to as a patching schedule, then this can be imported instead of completing a manual audit.

Client IT

Wireup Desks Prerequisite Checklist

It is important to complete the Wire-up Workpoints Manually Checklist before you schedule the wireup auditors.

Serraview's Wireup module allows non-technical auditors to quickly and accurately audit locations to connect (or "wire-up") switch ports to their physical locations.

For more information, refer to Wireup Workpoints.

Wireup Desks

Complete the initial wire-up process for all desks/spaces that will be monitored by SVLive. Wire-up is the process by which an auditor creates a link in the Serraview product between a switch port and a physical location. So, when a person logs in at that switch port and activity is detected, we know the location of that computer and person. 

For more information, refer to Wireup Workpoints Manually.

Client's Auditors

Completing the above steps will enable the collection of utilization data for all workstations where a person logs in using a wired connection (physically plugs into a network port or docking station).