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Set flags on desks that need a follow-up

At the time of the physical wire-up, the auditor can flag the desk based on circumstances at that time. This will allow the auditors to keep track of desks that:
  • may need a re-audit
  • were unavailable
  • the data point was not active and needs to be checked with Network Team.

From the floor plan:

  1. Double click on the desk. The Edit Workpoint form displays.
  2. Select the flag option button either:
  • Desk has no active data points
  • Unavailable – come back later to re-audit

Do not use the Don't Import or the Translate flags. In the case where existing flags do not cover all circumstances, contact your System Administrator to add the flags.

3. Optional – In the Comments field, enter a comment and click the Add button.

4. Click the Update button.


The flag is an overlay on top of the desk's wire-up status. The colors on the desk are:

  • Green – Desk is wired-up
  • Red – Desk is not wired-up
  • Gray – Flag for desk has no active data points
  • Blue – Flag for unavailable – come back later to re-audit.


For the unwired desks you can run the 288 Wire up Information Report to identify the workpoints and space not wired-up.