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Highlights Through to 2020 October 03

Below are the highlights for the release.

Serraview Re-branded

With the announcement of the new company name of SpaceIQ, the Serraview product has been re-branded. Also, you will notice this Help Center will now use the SpaceIQ as the company name and Serraview for the product name. 


Create Service Request and Custom Fields based on the Service Request Type




UserVoice Idea
Your business may use different requests types such as relinquish desks, or additional desks, or project churn. Now you can set up different custom fields to display depending on which request type is selected by the user.

When someone wants to create a service request, and they select the Reason for Request the form will display the custom fields in the Questions section.


You will be able to set up the custom fields against the Service Request Type in the Configuration module.


For more details, refer to Configure the Custom Fields for a Service Request Type.

Service Request Approval Email now has the Business Case report attached

When you send the service request for approval the email will have the 63 Business Case Report attached.


For more details, see Service Request Emails.

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