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2023 January Serraview Product Release

January's release includes.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Released January 21st, 2023

  • General usability and accessibility improvements and bugs.

Serraview Villages

Villages has been moved from Beta Release to General Availability Release

Villages can be thought of a neighborhoods that can span multiple floors or buildings (in a campus). Teams of People can be assigned to use any space within a Village, providing next-generation flexibility for the hybrid workforce. Learn more in Manage Villages, Configure Villages, and View Village Statistics.

Our support for Villages will include a new booking rule for Engage Reservations, allowing residents of a Village to book any desk within their assigned Village. Learn how to set this up in Allow Employees in a Village to Reserve Desks.


MAC Address Watcher Release (Version

Release January 16th

The MAC Address Watcher app is used in the Wireup process, when mapping Switch Ports to Desk-workpoints inside Serraview. Learn more about SVLive Wireup Overview.

A new version of the MAC Address Watcher has been uploaded to the Document Library. This includes improved support for Chromium based browsers, where in some cases the Serraview Wireup module was unable to connect to the Mac Address Watcher to complete the required function.

For all Wireup users, especially those of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome you will need to download the new version:

  1. From Serraview, navigate to the Document Library.
  2. Search for Mac Address Watcher.
  3. Locate and select the Mac Address Watcher The Edit Document displays.
  4. Click the attachment to download the file.


Remember when using the Wireup tool, make sure the Wireup laptop is always running the latest version of Mac Address Watcher. Learn more in Automated or Manual MAC Address Retrieval.

Remove Unused Engage Configuration

Released January 7th, 2023

The following field was remove: Desk Check-in Close Window,

Other Fixes and Improvements

Released January 7th, 2023

General usability and accessibility improvements and bugs.