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Scenario Plan Details

When you click on a Scenario Plan you will be taken to the Scenario Plan Details screen. Here you can edit the name and description of the plan, and if needed add or remove an impacted building. Also, you can adjust the security on the plan and make it a Private plan or a Public plan.


This screen consists of the following:

Element Description


Scenario Planner home icon


Scenario Move Plan Summary icon


Scenario VBS icon


Scenario Reports
clipboard_ec372ef639470241397c51412e6187f5c.png Phase icons
clipboard_ed3b02aca06bbb71ebc1e796efd87da2a.png Duplicate Plan button
Name Name of the Scenario Plan.
Description Description of the Scenario Plan.
Public or Private Plan Set the plan to be a public plan or a private plan.
Impacted Buildings Add or remove impacted buildings in the Scenario Plan.