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Search for Workplace Administrator who have not logged in


If the Workplace Administrator has not completed their team(s) validation, you can check if they have ever logged into Workplace.

From the Manage Admins screen, complete the following:

  1. Optional - In the Search field, enter the name of the Workplace Administrator. As you type the search results display.
  2. Click the Filter image2020-2-27_11-16-8.png icon. The Advanced Filters display.


3. Check the Hasn't logged in check box.

This will list an Workplace Administrator who has never logged into Workplace.

Resend the Email Invitation

If required you can resend there invitation to them.

  1. Select the Workplace Administrator(s) selection image2020-2-27_11-21-42.pngicon.
  2. Click the Send email icon.
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