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Data Collected by SVLive2

SVLive collects utilization information from different areas within a corporate environment. The following summarizes the information collected.

The diagram below displays the SVLive data collection extract.


User Presence Information

User Presence Information contains the user's status and details about their device. When the user's status or device information changes, the updated information is collected by the Serraview Presence Service and pushed to Serraview Cloud.

The following information is collected:

  • Activity
  • Log on / log off
  • Active / away (triggered by locking the device or period of inactivity)
  • Device disconnections
  • Active Directory username and domain
  • Computer name
  • IP Addresses and type
  • Machine (MAC) addresses and if they belong to a Wi-Fi adapter
  • Whether the session is direct or from a remote location
  • If the device is a laptop or a PC

Wi-Fi Signal Strength Information

Signal strength information contains signal strength readings (RSSI) between a user's computer and all Wi-Fi access points within range.

The Serraview Presence Service periodically collects the following additional information for each Wi-Fi Access point (WAP) detected:

  • Service Set Identifier (SSID)
  • Access point Basic Service Set Identification (BSSID)
  • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI).

Network Location Information

Location information ties a user's computer to a floor in a building and a location on a floor plan. The Serraview Switch Scanning Service collects this information via SNMP from network switches using the configured community string.

The service collects the following:

  • Switch IP / Switch Name
  • Switch Port (e.g. Gi/01/10)
  • MAC address