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Add, Move, or Remove Markers

The Marker tool lets you place markers on the floorplan for common items, such as Printers. Lockers, Mail Room or for emergency equipment, such as Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit.

Add Marker

Use the Marker tool to quickly add the markers to your floorplan.

From the Spaces module, complete the following:

  1. Click the Edit Floor icon.
  2. Click the Marker image2022-3-10_9-18-19.png icon.


3. Either you can search for the marker or find it in the list.

4. Select the marker.

5. Click the marker on the floorplan and repeat this to add the additional markers. When finished select the marker's name to turn off the add.

add marker.gif

6. Click the Publish Changes icon to save.

Move Marker

When you want to reposition a marker on the floorplan this can be done using the Marker tool.

  1. Click the Marker image2022-3-10_9-18-19.png icon.
  2. Click on the marker.
  3. Drag and drop the marker to its new position.
  4. Click the Publish Changes icon to save.

Remove Marker

Markers can be removed from the floorplan.

  1. On the floorplan, select the marker.
  2. Click the Remove button or press the Delete key.
  3. Click the Publish Changes icon to save.