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Space Planner Role

This role is defined as:
  • they are high-level, forward thinking Corporate Real Estate professionals, working to find accommodation solutions that meet the needs of both the business and the company's overall property strategy.
  • understand how your business works and the distribution of organization units and teams.
  • they usually report to the Head of Commercial Real Estate or a Head of Strategy.
  • the role may also incorporate the activities of a Data Anaylst depending on the size and structure of the Corporate Real Estate team.

Also known as an Occupancy Planner, Project Manager, or Workplace Service Lead.

Key Responsibilities

Who do they work with?

Manage incoming Service Requests

It is often the Space Planner's responsibility to work through incoming or unassigned Service Requests from Business Units requesting more space, project rooms, consolidations, or a change in location.

They need to understand requests from the business and manage the open requests. 

Business Unit Stakeholders about business space requirements and requests and potential moves.

Plan for Future Relocations or Refurnishments

A significant part of the Space Planner's role is to co-ordinate multiple streams of information that affect the demand and supply of space. This includes the use of upcoming lease expiration dates, strategic projects, move requests from the business and capital works plans to create scenarios that align with the broader strategy.

Relocations Managers to implement moves and carry out strategic moves.

Monitor Vacancy, Capacity, and Opportunity

Space Planners need to understand and articulate how the Portfolio is performing. This includes monitoring the capacity of sites as well as where the current vacancy and opportunity lies but also being able to explain and justify the numbers.

Relationship Managers to understand the needs and events occurring in each business division or physical location.


Space Planners may have a requirement to provide reports to Corporate Real Estate and Business stakeholders on the entire portfolio, individual sites, and lines of business including:

  • Utilization
  • Vacancy
  • Capacity and Opportunity
  • Fixed and Flexible Occupancy
  • Occupancy Ratios
  • Validation

Quick Reports allow reports to be run directly from each module.

Data Managers to maintain oversight of monitoring and validating small moves data, analyzing data, and producing reports.